MG Car Sharing

Better than any rental I've ever had!

Switching to an EV is looking more imminent in this household much to my children’s delight! I honestly didn’t realise how easy it is ! ZoomEV have been ...
Zoom EV Leasing

Zoom EV Leasing

Since Zoom began we have always had individuals and companies coming to us asking us to help get them in to EVs. Why? Well it's probably because we've ...
Jaguar at home

The Black Panther, living with the Jaguar iPace

When Steve Penman (Sales Director at Jardine's Jaguar Land Rover) asked whether I'd be interested in taking a Jaguar iPace for a few weeks and blogging ...
BP Chargers

The Zoom EV Driver Benefit Bundle

Zoom EV is on a mission to lower emissions by helping people to make more sustainable vehicle and journey choices. To do this we have created our car-sharing ...
Osprey Public Charging

EV charging on the go - how easy is it?

When transitioning to an EV, one of the first question that people ask themselves is where do I charge my car and how does it work? For many, this question ...
Ocean plastic bottle

Zero Carbon & Zero Plastic

I’m an open and honest person. When I graduated from University in 2010 I joined BP, not exactly low emission but energy and its use fascinated me. The ...
EV dark

A Decade of EVs

Having spent most of my working life involved in the automotive sector, particularly in the development of 12 volt charging systems and battery support, ...
Ollie Tesla Fixed Zoom EV Accident Management

Zoom EV Accident Management helps Ollie get back on the road

It’s every driver’s nightmare! It’s Monday morning rush hour. Talk-sport is on in the background. You’re minding your own business as you navigate through ...

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