We've become an Ocean Champion with Plastic Bank!


Zoom EV was founded with a very important mission to reduce UK carbon emissions by getting people into EVs, but we also want to make an impact when it comes to plastic pollution.    

We are proud to say that today Zoom EV has become an Ocean Champion through Plastic Bank, stopping over 420 kg of plastic, equal to 21,000 500ml water bottles from entering the ocean every year; that is equal to 5 years of plastic for an average consumer in North America. 




I spoke with Co-founder and CTO Shaun Frankson to understand the incredible work that Plastic Bank were doing and how individuals and businesses could partner with them to really address the issue of plastic pollution.  

Plastic Bank fights both ocean plastic and poverty simultaneously by creating a value chain for plastics - helping the poorest people in the world build a livelihood from the collection and recycling of ocean plastic. They work with local communities in countries like the Philippines to build ethical recycling ecosystems where ocean plastic is collected, reprocessed and reintroduced into the global supply chain - being reborn as Social Plastic® in mainstream products and packaging such as cleaning product bottles. As if it isn't cool enough that they are cleaning up our oceans with a fully circular solution, what I found really impressive was their focus on bringing local people out of poverty in the process by providing them with a source of income and even education and health insurance with the aim that people are only collectors for a limited amount of time but can use it as a platform to get into other jobs they aspire to do.   

Plastic Bank have introduced technology and innovation to waste management, using blockchain technology to create a secure 'hyper ledger' making sure that collectors can accurately track the plastic they have collected but also receive their income securely through a mobile app. Many people in developing countries don't have access to a bank account but do have a mobile phone, so this technology works for them. For those who don't have a phone, there is a solution too - collectors can use their 'plastic credits' from the waste they have collected to purchase a phone and charge it through solar technology at the recycling centres. We love that they are even promoting clean energy in the fight against plastic! 

The reason we love what Plastic Bank are doing, is that it's actually addressing the current problem of all the plastic that is currently in our ocean - an issue that is not easy or cheap to address. Many 'eco' companies are focused on new alternatives to plastic and that's great as it stops future pollution, but actually we have a big problem to address too and shouldn't forget that. Remember that every minute of every day the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic gets dumped in the ocean. In future, we have to do more to ensure that plastic doesn't get there in the first place. 

If you are an individual or business wanting to address your plastic footprint, check out https://plasticbank.com/. There are so many ways to partner with them, from initial offsets to full sustainable supply chain options. You may know that Zoom EV plan to donate a % of profits to initiatives that target plastic pollution and long term we will be looking to partner with companies like Plastic Bank to make a difference. We're excited to take the first step on helping to remove plastic from our oceans and can't wait to grow our impact in the future. 

For more information about the Zoom EV team's passion for the Environment and Sustainability, read these blogs : 



Written by Dana Taylor (20/11/2020)

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