Female business owners adopting EVs

More women are  in business than ever before and more importantly, women are increasingly starting their own businesses, empowering others, creating instrumental change and paving the way for innovation.

Likewise, a growing number of female business owners have been accelerating the transition to electric vehicles and inspiring those around them to make the much needed switch. Zoom had the pleasure of helping some of these female business owners switch to EVs with our EV services bundle and our insurance product for EVs.

Introducing Linda Grave, CEO of EV Driver

Linda is a proud Nissan Leaf owner and this year she switched insurers and insured it with Zoom’s EV insurance product (Zoom partner with Think Insurance to deliver it). Linda is the CEO of EV Driver which provides EV charging solutions for home workplace and public charging, as well as providing EV consultancy services .

EV Driver is passionate about open and interoperable charging networks and  has created a charging network across the South East of the UK which links with other networks in the UK to create easy access for all. Linda is helping to drive the adoption of EVs and thus reduce CO2 emissions. EV Driver are the proud winner’s of the Sustainable Travel Suffolk 2019 award for their work in sustainable technology and driving the EV revolution!

When it came to insuring her Nissan Leaf, Linda approached the Zoom & Think team for fit for purpose insurance cover that came with EV benefits, here is what Linda had to say:

“It was a real pleasure to experience true service and a very good price from the team and I have the added bundle of offers from Zoom too! I love a bargain!

Linda is also one of Zoom’s Ambassadors on our EV sharing platform, which helps drive the utilisation of EVs (electric cars and vans). Linda is sharing her Leaf with with fellow businesses and their employees on their business park in Suffolk. Linda is very excited that next year she will also be able to share her Tesla Model 3 on Zoom’s platform as well!

Introducing Carrie Green, Founder of the Female Entrepeneaur Association

Carrie recently joined the electric revolution by purchasing a Tesla Model X and insured it with Zoom’s Insurance for EV’s. Carrie is the Founder and CEO of the Female Entrepreneur Association (FEA), author of the international bestseller, She Means Business, and an accomplished public speaker. Carrie is passionate about inspiring as many women worldwide to build wildly successful businesses.        

Celebrating the famous cliché, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, Carrie capitalised on her own struggles with mindset, limiting beliefs and loneliness in building her first business and going on to establish the FEA. With over 600,000 fans worldwide and thousands of members, FEA is now one of the largest online platforms globally for female entrepreneurs.

With being a new EV owner Carrie benefited from the Zoom’s EV Services Bundle, which came as standard with her insurance product. Infact we further emphasised Carrie’s benefits package with rapid charging via Engenie as well, giving her two months free charging and 20% off thereafter. We made the insurance process simple and saved Carrie a significant sum on her insurance. Here is what Carrie had to say about her experience: 

“Zoom EV has made life so much easier with getting our first electric car! Getting set up with the best insurance was a breeze and the extra perks and savings that go along with everything is amazing!! It honestly saved me so much time, I would highly recommend them, they're brilliant.”

If you’re looking for EV insurance with a difference then contact us at membersupport@zoom-ev.com or call the Zoom & Think team on 0800 049 9537.   

Want to share your EV within our purpose built community? Contact us at membersupport@zoom-ev.com.

We are excited to help more inspirational women transition to electric vehicles! Make sure you join our mailing list and be the first to read our latest blogs and updates to Zoom!

Written by the Z Team (25/11/2019)

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