Earlier this year, Dr Helen Rodgers used Zoom’s EV Sharing platform to deliver carbon literacy programmes to businesses. This was part of the Mayor’s initiatives to help organisations and employees understand the carbon emissions they emit and how to proactively reduce their carbon footprint. As part of these talks, Helen spoke to people in organisations about electric vehicles (EVs) and the scope 3 emissions that come from gas or diesel vehicles. 

Helen undertook various sessions throughout February and March and travelled to her training locations by sharing EVs on Zoom! She loved the below Renault Zoe which was a speedy and convenient little car for all her sharing needs. Helen even bravely went to Carlisle in this first generation Zoe and came back during a storm!


Here is what Helen has to say about her Zoom EV Car Sharing Experience:

“Sharing an EV through Zoom was the perfect way to travel to my carbon-conscious client to deliver carbon literacy training (*at a location where public transport or active travel was not a viable option). I was proud to lead by example and having the vehicle outside on charge was a great conversation starter. My first journey was a breeze, from booking and insurance to charging the vehicle, all through easy to use apps. I look forward to getting out in another EV on Zoom again soon!”

We’re always incredibly happy to have a happy customer and more importantly one that spreads the word about using EVs.

Our favourite part about Helen’s story is that by using EV’s on Zoom, Helen emitted zero tailpipe emissions across multiple trips and got more people in businesses talking about EVs and their importance in achieving net zero carbon emissions. EVs are only a small piece to this large puzzle but it’s incredibly important people truly understand their impact and their carbon footprint.

Our mission here at Zoom is to make EVs easy to use and accessible for all. These are the cars that we need to maximise the use of and that can help us achieve our objectives of cleaner air. Our platform enables auto-dealers and individuals to share their EVs and also organisations (such as councils) to share their EVs and generate revenues from what would otherwise be an idle asset. Our aim is to be the place to go to when you want to use an EV and don’t want the expense of constantly owning an asset that is only depreciating!

Imagine being able to take an EV away for a weekend… imagine going camping and being able to take a larger car that meets your needs, imagine earning revenue from an asset that statistically sits idle at least 95% of the time… that’s what Zoom is all about.

Want to join the Zoom platform and get access to EVs or share yours? Follow the link below or drop our friendly Member Support Team an email at  membersupport@zoom-ev.com


Written by The Z Team (15/07/20)

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