Organisations can  generate cost savings of 25-30%, reduce tailpipe emissions by 100% and play a key role in transitioning to a zero-carbon economy. The Committee on Climate Change predicts that low-carbon EV options can save the UK transport industry a staggering £5 billion pounds annually by 2050! Now that’s quite a saving.

Whilst organisations are looking to have a further impact on their sustainability agenda’s there is also a growing number of eco-conscious employees’ who are motivating businesses to focus on their organisational sustainability practices. Having had numerous conversations with organisations looking in to the transition to EVs, in Zoom’s experience the conversation on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions is currently equally as important as the cost discussion.

What you will see early in 2020 (when the new tax year comes in to force) is an even further pressing need from organisations to transition to EVs as there are changes to benefit in kind that provide significant cost benefits to organisations. From 2020 there will be no Benefit in Kind (BIK) charges for pure electric vehicles in 2020/21! The impact of this is that employees would pay £0 for running an EV and a business would pay less national insurance as well.

Shared EV fleets can also have a significant impact on organisations. Earlier this year Zoom ran a project with a large organisation that looked at introducing a shared EV fleet. This project found that the price per mile for EVs is significantly lower compared to ICE vehicles, when car rental and grey fleet reimbursement are being utilised by businesses. In these instances Zoom can also help organisations gain additional cost recovery by enabling organisations to ‘share’ their vehicles with their employees on weekends. Our platform is being utilised by councils and other organisations who can not only generate revenue and further interest from their employees but also impact upon their climate agenda’s by sharing. It’s win, win, win, wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!

What’s more here at Zoom we also benefit employees through saving them money and getting them set up with key EV services via our Electric Vehicle Services Bundle. We also help individuals and businesses with more effective insurance for their EVs too. Click here to see how Zoom can provide your business with additional benefits, exclusive deals on insurance and chargers through our award-winning partners. Please contact for more information. 

 Written by Maya Mahmood, Zoom Business Support Analyst (04/11/2019)

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