Insurance that’s better for you, better for your EV and better for our environment.

We set out on our journey to build an insurance product that provided more for people choosing better cars a little over 12 months ago. It has sure been a journey and I think it’s important that we tell you why we did this.

The answer to this is simple. It was a problem that was identified by people who have electric vehicles. Their experience was awful, insurers hadn’t upskilled their workforces so they didn’t have any knowledge of EVs (people kept getting asked what engine size their Nissan Leaf was!), policy wording hadn’t been updated to factor in plug-in specific scenarios and there was no added value for driving better cars. In fact, when we asked people if their insurer added value to them, people started chuckling…. apparently, insurance wasn’t built to benefit people.

So we decided to turn this problem on its head.

What if we provided people with a better customer journey by them dealing with an insurer who knew all about EVs? What if we could include better coverage for plug-in specific scenarios? Finally, what if we included benefits specifically geared towards the EV driver? Our customers (who owned plug-ins) told us that would be a pretty awesome offering.

So we went and did it.

It’s fair to say that we’ve done what we set out to and have developed a pretty phenomenal offering but just as importantly we’ve done it with an insurance partner who have customer service awards and who can take people on a much better EV insurance journey. The guys at Think are awesome and have a very forward thinking leader in Rich Fullerton and management team in Jason Wilbrey and James Wapples.

Customers now have an insurer who understands the cars they’re buying, can get policies that have better coverage for plug-ins and get benefits through Zoom’s Sustainable Mobility Bundle, giving them benefits across charging, parking nationwide (with charging stations), green energy and smart home charging. The intent with our bundle was to make having an EV easier and more cost effective, whilst also providing benefits to green energy that can help people increase their impact on their CO2 emissions. The other aspect that our customers get is that they’re directly contributing with Zoom to projects that remove plastics from our oceans as Zoom contributes 10% of our profits to such projects.

On a personal level, I’m absolutely thrilled that we’ve been able to achieve what we have done to really help people with this problem. A huge thank you to all the people that have helped the team and myself along the way, we couldn’t have done it without you. 

To our customers, this is just the beginning, we’re already enhancing our offering and we’ll be announcing some exciting developments soon. There will be more awesome benefits for Zoom’s Sustainable Mobility Bundle 2.0!

If you’d like to get a quote from an awesome team, click here. Alternatively, you can call the Think and Zoom team on 0800 049 9537.

Welcome to insurance for plug-ins that’s better, better for you and better for our environment.


Written by Greg F, Zoom Founder 10/08/19

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