Insurance has been really slow to adapt to EVs. One of the reasons for this is that insurance companies rely on past data; obviously when it comes to EVs there hasn’t been too much of this but this is ofcourse changing.

Insurance policies to date though certainly haven’t adapted. One of the things Zoom did at Fully Charged last year was gather intelligence from plug-in drivers about their policies and there were 3 key themes. Firstly, insurers hadn’t upskilled their workforce to deal with EVs, some customers were having to explain that their vehicles didn’t have engines! Secondly, policy wording wasn’t particularly fit for purpose, so Zoom being Zoom, we found out what people would want their policy to cover. Finally, their policy certainly didn’t add further value to the customers making better vehicle choices.

So Zoom saw this as an opportunity and we decided to work with our award winning broker partner Think Insurance, to provide a motor insurance product that is a little bit special. We will shortly be divulging this in a bit more detail, so stay tuned!


Written by Greg Fairbotham, Founder of Zoom (03/06/19)

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