By now you’ll have probably guessed that here at Zoom we’re all about lowering emissions and adding value to people making more sustainable vehicle and journey choices. When we set out to build our car sharing platform we asked people how we could add even more value to them. The responses to this question were very clear and identified two key themes. Firstly (and the most obvious) was that where we could save and help generate people money this is always a benefit; the not so obvious response was that where people could be guided through the journey of transitioning to low emission services this would be of significant help. It was clear people wanted to transition to such services but actually making it and being guided through it easily just wasn’t and isn’t happening.

The above led us to seriously think about how Zoom could fill this gap for people. So we created our Electric Vehicle Services Bundle. Our bundle provides people with access and preferential rates across public charging, parking, home charging and green energy to financially benefit them, whilst also connecting them to market leading service providers that help make the transition to electric vehicles easier and being even more sustainable.

Zoom’s bundle is just one of the components of our services to really help drive people towards zero emission mobility and giving them every reason to do so! If you’d like to find out about the other components such as our insurance product with our partners Think Insurance (coming soon) or our car sharing platform, please do ask!

FYI - If you don't have an EV yet, you might still be able to benefit from green energy. You could be saving the planet and be saving up to £100 in the first year!


Written by the Z Team (01/06/19)

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