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Zoom EV is a purpose-led start up on a mission to reduce carbon emissions from transportation. Moving to EVs and more generally moving to a sharing economy is a crucial part of our journey towards sustainability and reaching climate targets. We just hit our first milestone of saving 1 tonne of carbon emissions through our EV sharing platform, but in reality we've saved much more by simply helping customers transition to EVs through purchase or leasing too.

But at Zoom EV we aim high and we want to do more, we want to do better. Greg (our Founder) and I (Digital Lead) have a personal sense of responsibility and passion when it comes to the issue of single use plastics too, and we want to use the work we are doing at Zoom EV as a platform to be able to make our small difference in the world. That's why, when we can, we want to put a percentage of our profits towards different organisations and initiatives which focus on finding solutions to the current plastic problem and promote circular / sustainable living. As part of my role, I will be looking into how best use this investment - considering charities, non-profits, start-ups and innovative businesses that we believe in, that share our values, and importantly are actively making a difference when it comes to removing plastics from our oceans and our landfills.  If you are active in this space and are looking for partnership / funding / help in the future, please get in touch so that we are aware of you and the work you are doing, and can reach out to you when we are in a position to support. 

In the meantime, we're proactively seeking out small ways that we can help organisations achieve their plastic and waste management goals - get more updates about new initiatives we're working on by following us on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin.



So why am I championing these initiatives at Zoom EV, and what initiatives have I been involved in before?

Moving to live in Australia over 3 years ago was the turning point for me as I saw first hand the plastic that polluted the ocean and beaches. I grew my understanding out there of the impact our way of life and our over-consumption has on the planet and since then have been trying to a) increase my understanding and b) reduce my personal impact (though I'm far from perfect - it's not an easy thing to achieve). Check out my previous blog about simple ways to reduce plastic in your own life here.

I became a keen swimmer and diver and my ambition to help protect the  ocean, wildlife and natural environments grew. I volunteered with various organisations such as SO Manly and Aus Map (doing beach cleans as well as collecting and analysing microplastics to understand where plastic came from and to work with businesses to reduce their contamination). I was also active in campaigning and raising awareness with companies like Take 3 for the Sea and the Australian Youth Climate Coalition through film screenings, photo exhibitions, campaigns and petitions. Whilst working at Velocity Frequent Flyer, I set up and ran a Sustainability team focused on waste and carbon reduction projects, and worked with the airline to help them progress towards their targets. I currently volunteer for ICCM (International Conservation & Clean Up Malawi) having built them a new website to attract businesses to employ local Malawian people to deal with their waste responsibly, to set up a sustainable waste management system and importantly to create a value chain for plastic.  I also wanted to be more educated about the issues faced and how we might tackle them so I took several Open University courses on waste, consumption, circular economies and how to build a sustainable future, and reached out to various companies and industry experts to understand the work that organisations, governments and businesses are doing in this space.

I'm excited to now be leading the Plastic agenda at Zoom EV and hope more people will work for purpose-led companies with a vision and passion to protecting our planet.

Thanks for reading.

Written by Dana Taylor (12/11/2020)

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