The Mini Electric …. It’s Punchy!

As some of you may have seen from our other recent posts, Zoom recently completed some filming at our partner's Jardine Motors Group Jaguar Land Rover site in Milton Keynes.

We were lucky enough during our filming session to get in to a new 20 reg Jaguar i-Pace (one of the top selling cars in the UK in April this year) and the brand new Mini Electric! Given the Mini isn’t actually out yet we thought we’d provide you with a look inside the one we drove and some thoughts on it.


Electric and Mini are two words that in my head fit perfectly together… like gin and tonic. There’s just something about what a Mini is that in my mind makes it a perfect car for being electric.

The spec of the Mini we got our hands on was the Level 3 version. There are four levels.

From the outside it is VERY Mini. Its got the same styling as its ICE counterpart, other than at the front it has a closed grill and the symbolic ‘yellow’ plug badge. When I saw the advert for the Electric Mini I absolutely loved the grey version they showed with the bright yellow trim, yellow wing mirrors and the yellow bits in the wheels. I think that sort of highlight yellow really brought out its electric persona. If I was to buy one I would definitely be getting one in that style.

Inside, it again resembles its ICE counterpart, however there is a very cool display directly behind the steering wheel that shows key information. There are also the rather cool noises it makes when you turn it on, it sounds like you’ve just been transported into Mario Kart… which is very exciting! There are still the traditional Mini displays (the circle in the middle of the console) and the switches at the bottom of the console (one of which is the ‘on’ switch, which it took me a solid 5 minutes to find), so it does feel like you're in a Mini.

To drive it was, well… it's PUNCHY! Put your foot down and you get that typical EV pull that comes with getting immediate torque. It sure can move. You also continue to have that feel of being in a solid German car, something that you would expect to be even more prevalent given that a battery has been added between the wheels!

The only real negative I have about the Mini is that BMW haven’t innovated at all on the battery which is the same as their i3 and has a range of ~140 miles. In the modern EV world you generally find most new releases have a ~200 mile range and there are cars at a similar price with that range. I think however, the above is more a reflection on BMW catching up on EV development. It’s certainly important that they get an offering out into the market and the Mini is definitely going to turn heads. Let’s face it everyone loves the Mini brand!


To summarise it’s fantastic for the EV industry to have a Mini offering joining the ranks. It’s a great car and will certainly get more people going electric, which is the most important thing for the industry right now. The thing with Mini is that it’s a brand with fantastic heritage and you only need to look at how many ICE versions are on the road to see how appreciated it is by UK drivers. I see no reason why the Electric Mini will be any different and can only imagine it’s another version of the Mini Owners Club to add to the ranks!

What we’re even more excited about is that soon you’ll be able to use EVs like this MINI on our platform which enables the flexible use of EVs. Want to use an EV for a weekend? Want to use a vehicle for meetings at work? Want to try an EV properly before you buy? That’s what our platform is all about, enabling you to flexibly use EVs when and where you need them.

If you’re interested in the new Electric Mini or want to chat to us about our EV sharing / Mobility-as-a-Service platform you can contact us at

 Greg (and the Z Team) 09/07/20

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