A warm welcome to customers who have got their EV Bundle. This blog post is to provide further information regarding your EV Bundle and the amazing benefits that it contains.

1. Public charging

Public charging networks are there to charge your car when you’re out on the road. There are a variety of networks to choose from. In your EV Bundle you have access to two market leaders (BP Pulse and Osprey) with specific discounts across their networks saving you money when you charge. You also receive a Plugsurfing charging key which gives you access to 13 smaller charging networks (so you generally don’t need to download these smaller networks and can use this charging key instead e.g., on the IONITY charging network).

Public charging points range from ‘slow’ chargers that provide 7kWh worth of energy through to rapid / ultra-fast / high powered chargers (e.g. Osprey) which provide energy ranging from 50 kWh - 350kWh. The higher the kWh output the less time it takes to charge your car. However, the charger you use will really depend on your journey. If you’re doing motorway driving, then you’ll likely use a rapid charger to charge your car so that you can get on your way quickly. If you’re stopping at a destination e.g. shopping centre, it’s likely that you’ll use a 7 / 22kWh charger as you have a couple of hours for your car to charge.

Be aware, the quicker the charge the likely the more expensive it is e.g. charging at an Ionity unit (350 kWh) costs £0.69p per kWh. If you charge your car at a 7kWh unit, it’s likely that this will be free, as an example your local supermarket might have charging units (e.g. BP Pulse at Aldi supermarkets) this energy will generally be free while you do your shopping (certainly checking and plugging in to if available).

Signing up to BP Pulse / Osprey and keeping your Plugsurfing key in your vehicle / on your keys is a great and easy way to access public charging units nationwide and you’ll save money through Zoom.

2. Home Charging and the OLEV grant

Currently EV customers receive a £350 grant from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) towards a home charging unit being fitted at your property. This home charging unit has to be ‘Smart’ for the grant to apply.

The two units from EO and BP Pulse that Zoom saves you money on, are smart and therefore the OLEV grant applies to these units. Both EO and BP Pulse will obtain the relevant information from you required to complete the form to submit to OLEV as part of the charger installation process.

For customers who are also considering getting workplace charging (if you run / own a business), there are also OLEV grants available for workplace charging. A link is provided below for more information and you can contact Zoom directly if you require workplace charging.

OLEV Workplace Charging Grant - LINK

3. Want to get up to 8000 miles for free? Here’s how….

The SSE Fix and Drive v2 tariff is specifically designed for electric vehicle drivers. It provides up to 2000kWh of free energy and where customers charge between midnight and 7am, reimburses them for this energy used. This equates to receiving ~£343 off your energy bill.

You will be required to switch from your current energy provider to SSE and the SSE team will aid this switching process. You will be required to have a Smart Meter and if you don’t already have one the SSE team will install one for you free of charge.

In addition, the energy on the tariff is 100% renewable energy. SSE match the electricity consumed by all Fix and Drive v2 customers with electricity from wind and water sources that have the Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin (REGO).

For more information about switching your energy to a tariff that is designed for PHEV / EV drivers call 0345 071 7823 and speak to one of the SSE team.

4. Q-Parks Charging Facilities

Q-Park were one of the first of the large nationwide car parking providers to introduce EV charging facilities into a proportion of their car parks.

Not only does being a Zoom member save you 20% off pre-paid parking nationwide but the charging units are either BP Pulse (meaning customers can use their BP Pulse app / charging key) or you can utilise your Plugsurfing key to access the other networks.

To find out which Q-Park locations have EV charging infrastructure you can search here:

Find EV Parking at Q-Park        

5. Useful Route Planning / Charging Apps

The number 1 route planning / charging app in the UK is ZAP-Map. Zap-Map enables you to view all charging points throughout the UK across all networks.

Not only does Zap-Map show you the chargers but you can also plan your route and it will identify those that are most appropriate for you.

Zap-Maps charging status feature is very useful as Zap-Map members input in to this by advising others if chargers are working or are offline. It’s worth noting that just because you see a charger doesn’t mean that it is working! This status also tells you whether the charger is currently being used by another EV Driver.

Other useful apps include the likes of Plugshare or Wattsup. All three planning tools can be downloaded via the app store. 

For more information on the above please contact membersupport@zoom-ev.com or visit https://www.jardinemotors.co.uk/electric/zoom-ev/

Many thanks,

The Zoom Team


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