It’s every driver’s nightmare!

It’s Monday morning rush hour. Talk-sport is on in the background. You’re minding your own business as you navigate through the roadworks when, suddenly……BANG!!

Completely unexpected, a van decides to take a last minute turn onto the slip road, swerving two lanes and clipping me in the process. Upon us both pulling over, it was clear that the front end of my Model 3 was damaged, along with the rear end of his van. We exchanged details and as both vehicles were driveable, we went on our way.

When I got home, I remembered the Zoom EV Driver Benefits Bundle had a service for Accident Management – where they could help you in circumstances where you have had an accident which wasn’t your fault. I gave the number a call, and within minutes, was through to an advisor who was assisting me with my accident, details of how it happened and options moving forwards. She then proceeded to email me some forms to complete while she remained on the line and contacting the other party to understand his side of events, and where the fault lay. No more than thirty minutes later, she explained that they were placing fault with the van driver, and were happy to process my claim.

A local repair shop was found, and AX (who run Zoom's EV Accident Aftercare service) assured me of a like for like replacement vehicle while mine was off the road. The only problem I encountered was that I drive a Tesla Model 3 Performance, and they didn’t have this, or any other Tesla available in their fleet. However, they suggested an Audi E-Tron which I quickly accepted!

Upon delivering my battered and bruised car to the repair shop, there was a stunning top spec E-Tron waiting for me. The driver showed me around the car, and after quickly and smoothly booking my car in, I was on my way.

Due to corona and the part needed taking longer than usual to arrive, my car was in the repair shop for slightly longer than expected. However, I was kept informed on a regular basis of updates and developments.

When my car was ready to be collected, I simply left the E-Tron where I found it at the repair shop, and collected mine.

Overall, I can’t fault the service at any point. AX went way beyond any expectations I had. There was no stress, no hassle, and the car they put me in exceeded anything I would have expected to get.

It's an awesome offering and certainly aids EV drivers who don't want to be put in to a petrol or diesel if they're in an incident!

Written by Ollie Upton, 05/01/2021

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