You may remember that we designed our original EV bundle to help add value to customers moving in to EVs based on what we were told by owners at Fully Charged Live 2018. The feedback from current EV owners was that there were some good public charging networks, home charging and green energy providers but when they bought their cars there was nothing that tied these together and really helped drive value to them. If we could connect customers to what they needed and save them money we were told we would have ‘cracked it.'

So we developed our EV bundle to do something about this.

Now 12 months on, we’ve added some absolutely awesome new partners (some of whom approached us to be included in what we’re doing which is awesome), to provide even more value and benefits to people going electric. As you can see we’re incredibly excited about this!

Our new EV benefits scheme incorporates more public charging benefits with some of the best organisations in the charging business, provides nationwide parking discounts, the best smart home charging solutions that money can buy and EV tariffs that enable you to effectively charge your car for free throughout the year. We really couldn’t be happier to be delivering more value and cost savings to people choosing better cars and becoming part of our Zoom community!

We’ve recently helped organisations get their employees set up with everything they need to run their EVs as well as saving them money (something that they will be doing anyway given the amazing tax incentives!) but we’re doing it in a way that connects them within a community….. our community, becoming part of the journey towards Zero Emissions.

What’s even more amazing for the people joining our community and getting access to these fabulous discounts, is that they also know that together with Zoom we’re having a really positive impact elsewhere, as ten per cent of our profits go towards removing plastic from our oceans. This is an environmental cause that is extremely close to our hearts.

You can get access to Zoom’s EV benefits directly via our website, included within your insurance or alternatively through one of our partners! In any instance we will be thrilled for you to join our community.

You can also follow us on Facebook, InstagramLinkedin and Twitter, where you’ll see all our latest updates, EV news and partnerships. Our intention is to add more partners to add more value to you, so keep a look out!

Written by Greg Fairbotham (11/02/20)

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