We’re thrilled to announce our working partnership with Jardine Motors Group where we’re helping their customers seamlessly transition to electric vehicles. But how are we doing this? Good question…..

When a Jardine Motors Group customer purchases their electric vehicle, they receive a Jardine Motors Group EV Benefits Bundle powered by Zoom that gets included with their purchase. This EV Benefits Bundle provides customers with access to all of the services they need to run their EV and save money.

These services include public charging, nationwide parking, home charging and EV tariff / green energy benefits. Zoom has partnered with market leaders in all of these areas and offers specific rates that customers won’t find anywhere else. What’s more….. there’s more on the way.

“We built our EV Benefits Bundle off the back of EV owners telling us that their experience was inferior to what they would have expected. Together with Jardine’s we are doing something about it to ensure that EV customers are able to get into their new vehicle and be connected to everything that they need, it’s a key part of their journey” says Greg Fairbotham, Zoom’s CEO.

“Jardine’s are an incredibly forward-thinking organisation and are incredibly passionate about EVs as shown by the roll out of their Brightsparks programme. We are really proud to work with them on their EV journey and work towards providing a service that caters for every need of the EV driver when they get their electric vehicle through Jardine Motors Group”.

Jason Cranswick, Commercial Director of Jardine Motors said “Selling EVs is so different to selling ICE cars. When we sell a petrol or diesel car, frankly we neither know nor care where a customer will refuel, it just isn’t part of the equation. With EVs, we need to really be experts in the Product, Power and Package so that we can give our customers the best advice. At Jardine Motors we are committed to making the EV buying process easy and partnering with Zoom will help us do that.” 

Please visit www.jardinemotors.co.uk to learn more about our amazing partner and contact us at membersupport@zoom-ev.com if you would like to get set up on our Zoom EV Car Sharing Platform! We hope to facilitate more sustainable journeys across the UK and allow our customers to experience electrified adventures again once COVID-19 is over. 

Written by the Jardine and Zoom team (14/04/2020)

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