Our EV bundle could be saving you up to £1,000 in your first year by providing you with Zoom specific benefits to the essential services you need to run your EV.

Benefits of Zoom's Bundle

Public Charging

  • Get 12.5% off the BP Pulse monthly subscription; BP Pulse also provide new members with the first 3 months of their subscription for free! 
  • Get 1 month free rapid charging across Osprey's charging network and then 18% off for the next 11 months (compared to PAYG).
  • Receive a free Plugsurfing charging key (worth €9.95) providing access to charging points across the UK & Europe.

Home Charging

  • Get £50 off some of the leading smart home chargers in the market for your home.
  • Zoom's home charging partners include BP Chargemaster and EO Charging.
  • The OLEV Grant process is completely managed on your behalf.
  • Prices start from £545 including your Zoom discount.

EV Energy Tariffs

  • Access SSE's Fix and Drive v2 tariff which gives you enough FREE electricity to drive for up to 8,000 miles when you charge your EV during off peak hours.
  • Receive £20 BP Pulse charging credit when you sign-up.
  • 100% renewable energy


  • Parking can be problematic. So we have partnered with Q-Park to make parking and charging across cities in the UK easier and cheaper for you.
  • You'll receive a special Zoom code that gives you 20% off pre-booked parking.
  • This applies across all Q-Park sites around the UK, meaning you're covered wherever you go.

EV Accident Aftercare

  • A seamless, fast and hassle free way of getting you back on the road in the unfortunate event your EV is damaged. 
  • Your EV is recovered to an Original Equipment Manufacturer approved repairer and is fast tracked.
  • You get a comparable replacement EV delivered to you (non-fault claims).


Annual Subscription


Including VAT

One-off payment for the year ahead

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