Our Electric Vehicle Benefits Bundle helps connect EV Drivers to the key services they need to run their EV and save money. You won't find value like it anywhere else.

Benefits of Zoom's Bundle

EV Charging

  • Get 3 months rapid charging and 12.5% off a Polar Plus monthly subscription with BP Chargemaster.
  • Get 2 months free rapid charging across Engenie's charging network and 20% off thereafter.
  • Receive a free Plugsurfing charging key (worth £9.95) providing access to charging points across the UK & Europe.


  • Parking can be problematic. So we have partnered with Q-Park to make parking and charging across cities in the UK easier and cheaper for you.
  • You'll receive a special Zoom code that gives you 20% off pre-booked parking.
  • This applies across all Q-Park sites around the UK, meaning you're covered wherever you go.

EV Tariffs

  • We're an exclusive partner of SSE's (OVO Group) Fix and Drive tariff which will enable you to charge your EV for FREE.
  • Pre-register and be one of the first customers to get their tariff and receive £20 charging credit when you sign-up.
  • Tonik offer Zoom customers up to £100 off their greenest tariffs, when you select electricity and gas and pay by direct debit.

Home Charging

  • ChargedEV install the best, safest and most cost effective smart chargers in the UK right now, in your home.
  • All home chargers come with 3 year manufacturer & installation warranties.
  • The OLEV Grant process is completely managed on your behalf.
  • Through Zoom, you get £50 off their market leading smart home chargers which start at £499 with your discount.


Upfront Annual Fee


Including VAT

*an upfront annual fee for the bundle



Including VAT

*12 fixed monthly payments for the bundle

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