Want to get into the EV that you really want?

The new generation of vehicles is here.

At Zoom we're here to help you get on the road in an EV. We can connect you to new and used EVs through partners who have fantastic knowledge and provide amazing service, whilst also helping guide you with the other services you might need.

Need more reasons to go electric? See why below.

Get in to an EV through specialists at good rates

Save money through lower running costs

You pay zero road tax on your electric vehicle

Charge your car easily & conveniently at your home

Save money at key services with our Sustainable Mobility Bundle

Earn income from your EV through our car sharing community

Have a personal & direct impact on CO2 and air quality

Become a member of our amazing Zoom community

How We Can Help You

At Zoom part of our mission is to get more people into EVs. 

With our background and experience in this space we can help you get in to the type of EV that you are looking for. Whether you're looking to lease a new EV or buy a used one, through us you'll get clear, honest information and connected to some of the best businesses in the industry.

Just contact us and we'll get your show on the road.

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