Our Sustainable Mobility Bundle is truly unique. It includes amazing benefits across charging, green energy, home charging and parking solutions. It saves you money and helps you have a personal impact on reducing CO2 and improving air quality.

Benefits of Zoom's Bundle

EV Charging

  • Plugsurfing give you get fast & convenient access to ~1,000 charging points across the UK & 110,000 across the EU.
  • Plugsurfing's charging key gives you access to all of these charging points, making charging & payment simple!
  • Your charging key is free (worth £9.95) when you sign up through us.


  • Parking can be problematic. So we have partnered with Q-Park to make parking across cities in the UK easier and cheaper for you.
  • Through us you'll receive a special code that gives you a 20% discount on pre-booked parking.
  • You can use it across all Q-Park sites around the UK.

Green Energy

  • Tonik are multi-award winning providers of green energy.
  • Our bundle gives you £60 off their greenest tariffs, 100% renewable electricity and 10% green gas, with the remaining 90% carbon offset.
  • Pay by direct debit and you'll also receive an additional £20 credit per fuel (selecting both electricity & gas means you'll receive £40 credit).

Home Charging

  • Tonik install the best & safest chargers in the UK right now, in your home.
  • Their home chargers are expertly installed by Which? Trusted Trader engineers and come with 3 year manufacturer & installation warranties.
  • Through us, you will receive 10% off their market leading chargers which start at £479 prior to your discount.
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Coming Soon - Our Car Sharing Platform

  • Did you know that statistically cars sit idle 95% of the time? Crazy we know.
  • In 2019, we’re launching our car sharing platform.
  • Our platform enables you to generate an income from your car when you're not using it, in a safe environment.
  • If you’ve purchased our Sustainable Mobility Bundle and want to join our car sharing community we'll provide you with a special rate!
  • You get to create ultra low emission adventures as part of an amazing car sharing community, all focussed on having an impact (so stay tuned).


Upfront one-time-fee


Including VAT

*A one-off annual payment for the bundle



Including VAT

*12 fixed monthly payments for the bundle

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